Sep 12, 2022 • 53M

From UBER Driver to Multi-Millionaire in Pounds Selling Real Estate- The story of Dr. Daniel Moses

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Paul Foh
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OUR SPONSORS: This episode of THE PAUL FOH podcast was sponsored by Addie Kasali of Addie’s Fabrics. Her story is really remarkable. She built a multi-million naira fabrics business using her phone. She now coaches other fabric sellers on her system, given to get by the Holy Spirit.

She recently talked about her story in her ebook: The Wealthy Fabrics Seller. Check her out on ADDIES FABRICS

A short profile of Dr Daniel Moses

Successful people buy themselves a seat at the table!
It is easy to spot them from a distance because of how loud their track record speaks.

Dr. Daniel Moses, is a serial entrepreneur, bestselling author, prolific speaker, millionaire mentor, and avid investor.

Having the mandate to make an impact and multiply influence in my world has prompted me to create over 30 podcast episodes and still count on wealth and business that spotlights how successfully investors such as Sam Coleman have carved a good reputation for themselves.

My books among which is “Rent to Rent Made Easy” which helps people get started in property investment with little or no money is one of the top bestselling books on Amazon with a minimum of 4.6-star reviews respectively.

My passion for the Real Estate sector which is fueled by strength and determination to overcome obstacles in my path is second to none.

As the Founder and CEO of Property Wealth Corporation, I have a pool of expertise and experience that the world needs to hear of. Since its inception in 2017 in the United Kingdom, it is a brand of over 5 subsidiaries that have pulled a turnover of £1,000,000 combined.

Property Wealth Estate has helped Landlords with the opportunity to gain guaranteed rent on a long-term basis as well as providing co-living experiences within contemporary and modern accommodation and single accommodation to professionals. We have conveniently housed over 100 individuals. No wonder clients never fail to give their recommendations.

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